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Your Certified Radiator & Air Conditioning Experts

Complete Cooling Systems Servicing

Replacement Parts

We offer oil coolers, cooling fans, fuel tank, A/C hoses, custom A/C hoses, and much more.

Automotive & Industrial Cooling

We provide reliable radiator repair services at a competitive price.

Our Projects

We have completed all types of radiator rebuilding and restoration projects.

Surrey Radiator & Air Conditioning Ltd: Cooling & Heating System Repair

Surrey Radiator & Air Conditioning Ltd has been specializing in all types of cooling systems and heat transfer products, repairs and replacement parts for more than 40 years.

Government Certified Technicians

Our highly skilled technicians are experienced in repairing and servicing all types of radiators, cooling systems and heat transfer products. From heavy duty equipment radiators and vintage systems to car and truck repair, you can count on our expertise.

Surrey Radiator shop

Ask About a System Check

We are Surrey’s radiator repair specialists. We also repair and service air conditioning systems, cooling systems, fuel tanks, heater cores including custom builds. We service and repair automotive and industrial radiators of all types. Conveniently located in Surrey, BC we serve the surrounding communities for quality repairs at an affordable price. Let us know how we can help you; we provide free pick-up and delivery in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to receive a system check.


Truck radiators

Diesel truck radiators

Truck cooling systems

Tractor cooling systems

Custom cooling systems

Generator radiators

Steel Welding & Fabrication

A/C Hose Repairs

On-Site A/C Service

Tractor radiators

Heavy duty equipment radiators

Diesel truck cooling systems

Heavy duty equipment cooling systems

Performance cooling systems

Aluminum Welding & Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Custom A/C Hoses

On-Site Radiator Service

Marine Heat Exchanger Repair & Cleaning

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