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Car Cooling & Heating System Services in Surrey

Your Certified Radiator Experts

When you need help with your radiators, count on our 40+ years of experience!

We seek to be your source at Surrey Radiator & Air Conditioning Ltd for new car cooling and heating systems. Our shop features a complete line of parts from top quality brands you can trust. Our automotive offerings include: air conditioning diagnosis, service and repair for all makes and models of cars. We also offer fuel tank replacement and re-coring for vintage vehicles. We have the knowledge and know-how to repair your vehicle properly. Let us know how we can serve you.


Our automotive services include:

Installation of all makes & models

Cooling system maintenance & reverse flushing

Thermostat replacements

Hose inspection & replacements

Belts/fan clutch diagnosis & repairs

Radiator cooling fan diagnosis & repairs

All cooling system leak diagnosis & repairs

Intake manifold & other gasket related repairs

Heater core replacements

Heater blower fan repairs

Air conditioning diagnosis, servicing & repairs

Fuel tank/fuel pump diagnosis & repairs

Fuel tank lining & coating

New fuel tanks (most makes & models)

Electrical diagnosis & repairs for cooking related components

Re-coring radiators for vintage vehicles

Radiator repair

Custom radiators complete for hard–to-get-applications

Freeze plug & block heater repairs

Contact us today to schedule service for your car or truck.

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